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ED Pills Online : Buy cheap ED pills online

Buy cheap ED pills online

A recent health survey conducted within US shows that 80% of the men prefer to buy ED pills online. Reason being , sex is a union of mind and body. Sexual happiness is the core of any successful relationship. Even among happy couples sex life might not be as happy as desired. The ultimate sexual satisfaction needs a number of factors to work out for both partners. One of the main reasons for sexual dissatisfaction is Erectile Dysfunction among men.

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Yes! Since our core competency is only on Erectile Dysfunction pills, we do have more time to focus on great customer service and best quality ED meds. We offer both branded ED pills online and generic ED pills online, based on customers interest and financial stand point.

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What are the non prescription ED pills online available at ed.cure.care?

We offer both branded ED pills online and generic ED pills online such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra.

Tip : Viagra last long up to 5 hours. But, whereas, Cialis last's longer in bed for up to 2 days. 

How did I develop Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction (ED)  starts in most of the men once they hit their middle age. The common view about erectile dysfunction (ED)  is that it is a natural part of aging process. Even statistics show that it is more common among middle aged men. Apart from aging several other psychological and physiological factors also could lead men to erectile dysfunction (ED) and make them buy ED pills online. 

We live in a fast paced world with a lifestyle that is so fine tuned to create premature aging and obesity even in children and teenagers. It is not uncommon nowadays to find school going children developing diabetes and hypertension. This down toll of health of present generation is yet another reason for the increase of erectile dysfunction among men. 

Research shows that even stress is a major cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) and several other associated health issues.

So your erectile dysfunction might have a number of causes like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, obesity, and lack of interest in sex, professional or personal stress. The best way to pin the cause is to have a talk with your doctor.

When to buy Non Prescription ED Pills online? 

First step to treat erectile dysfunction is to come out of the shame you might have in discussing your issue. Be open about your problem. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is nothing to be ashamed of. It does not mean that you are impotent, or have lost your masculinity or anything of that sort. It only shows that you have a sexual issue for which you need professional help.

Please understand that erectile dysfunction (ED) is curable and you can have normal sex life as before. Fix an appointment with your doctor to understand the treatment options that might suit you.

Medication for erectile dysfunction / Best ED pills online ?

If you have any underlying health issue other than your erectile dysfunction complaint, your doctor might consider treating it first and then treat you for erectile dysfunction (ED). At times it would be possible to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) simultaneously.

Erectile dysfunction is usually treated through prescription ED meds or non-prescription ED pills. The most popular medicines are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra & Kamagra.

You can discuss with your doctor and start on any of these ED pills which might suit you. Most of the erectile dysfunction (ED) issues can be sorted out with these ED drugs alone.

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatments

Treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) can be classified into two types. They are medical type treatments and non medical treatments. The medical treatments (Erectile Dysfunction Pills / ED pills) are most of the people are familiar with.

Medical Treatment  - Erectile Dysfunction Pills:

There are many pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) available in the market. However,  Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Kamagra are the top selling ED pills online . There are also other kind of medical treatments such as Injections and suppositories.

Non-Medical Treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED):

The Non Medical Treatments available are - Vacuum device, penile prosthesis etc

So what happens if you just have a severe erectile dysfunction (ED) and don’t do anything? The penis is a part of the body, just as other parts and you either use it or lose it organ. Just like a body builder who stops lifting weights, they are going to shrink and atrophy, likewise the penis is no different.

Example of Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

Men who had prostate cancer surgery and have the prostate removed and have had profound erectile dysfunction as a result, they find an average of about 2 cm loss and the longer they go without erection, they tend to lose some more size as well. So we do not recommend doing nothing if you want to preserve erectile size and this is been true in Animal studies and in Human Studies

So the erectile dysfunction pills are the one which most people are familiar with. Viagra is the one which was introduced in the common market in the late 90's and then Cialis and Levitra came out in 2003. And these ED pills available online really work pretty well. If you look at studies that look at how much they improve the erection, around 80% of the men will say that their erection has been improved. First is about a quarter of men who is taking their sugar pills or percebo.
Now, if you ask how many men are able to have successful intercourse that is not good as 80% because you can’t just have a better erection because you have to have the erection that sustains long enough for the intercourse. But still the percentage is pretty reasonable. The medications are not for everyone, there are certain medications that will not allow a man to take one of these ED pills, such as certain medication which are used for high blood pressure, which can be dangerous.

Additionally about 30% of men have side effects from using these ED pills whether it is a headache or feeling flush or nasal congestion, but only about 5% of men stop using these ED pills as results of that. Now there are some keys to using these pills successfully. They are amplifiers and are not magic pills so we suggest men that if you take these pills and go watch a baseball game you will not have an erection unless you love baseball.

Another key element is that it works best in the empty stomach, so you take the ED pills either before dinner or after a snack but not after a big meal and the third thing is that they don’t often work in the first couple of times and you have to try them several times before you even decide whether they are worth it for you or not.
So one option for the patients if the ED pills are unsuccessful, you can use a vacuum penis device. The vacuum device is not a erectile dysfunction pill / ED pill or an erectile dysfunction penis ingestion, it is just a mechanical device which is used to help the penis erect.

The vacuum device consist of a cylinder which is made out of plastic and also a pump along with it. When you have inserted the vacuum device (plastic cylinder) on top of the penis and when you start squeezing the pump, it will start creating a vacuum inside the cylinder cause of which the penis which is inside will start drawing in blood and it will make the penis erect.

Positives of vacuum device during erectile dysfunction (ED):

Vacuum device for penis doesn’t have any side effects and more over it is cheap

Negatives of vacuum device during erectile dysfunction (ED):

  • It is so very unnatural method to have an erection.
  • The erection might feel cold as the blood flow into arterial isn’t normal.
  • You wife/girlfriend can also feel the coldness
  • The penis might possibly have abnormal coloration
  • Blood vessel might get burst inside the penis
  • The overall success rate is not very high
  • Only 20% of the men use these devices.

What are the alternatives for buying ED pills online?

Men who aren’t satisfied with Vacuum Device or in buying ED pills online, they can try going for an Injection Therapy. You have to inject on the penis and the injection size is very tiny as an insulin injection and it doesn’t hurt. The drug defuses throughout the penis and gives a natural erection usually in about 5 minutes.

Negatives of penis injection:

  • Men feel frisky to inject their penis as it feels like a turn-off  and that is the reason for the failure of penile injections.
Another alternative for men who are needle phobic or who hate to use ED pills can use urethral suppository and the urethral suppository goes directly into the urinary channel hole. The medication is placed through the small tube inside the penis hole and it defuses the drug inside the penis.

Positive of Urethral Suppository:

  • It avoids injections and that is good
  • Urethral Suppositories are easy to use

Negatives of Urethral Suppository:

  • It is highly expensive
  • There can be penile pain while the drug dissolves inside the penis and it doesn’t work quit efficiently as ED pills or injections does.
Either for the injection or for the suppository is that the man should have a very good hand function and he should be able to see the penis very well and he shouldn’t be too fat or should not have shaky hands. 

Option for buying ED pills online is Penile Prosthesis:

Penal prosthesis has been around since early 70’s and there are several different types. Each Prosthesis is a device which stays within the body, but it doesn’t work as the ED pills work.  The main disadvantage of the Penal Prosthesis is you have do a surgery to your penis. That is the main reason why 80% of the men world wide prefer to buy ED pills online. 

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