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Levitra Side Effects

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Levitra Side Effects

Before you know Levitra Side Effects? please understand the process of how Levitra works. Among the popular erectile dysfunction medicines Levitra is very popular because of the speed of action of the drug.

The active ingredient in Levitra Vardenafil– acts on the blood vessels within 15 minutes of taking the medicine. When the blood vessels are relaxed the blood flow also increases to the penis. This will help men with erectile dysfunction to achieve quality erections during their sexual activity. However certain precautions should be followed while taking Levitra because of the various side effects of Levitra.

Here we have provided comprehensive information on the possible Levitra side effects which you might encounter while you are taking this medicine.

Common Levitra Side Effects

Levitra can cause a number  of minor side effects which are commonly reported and not serious.  You might experience headache or dizziness sometime after taking Levitra.  It could also cause runny nose, diarrhea, nausea, flushing of face and chest, back pain and heartburn.  These are considered as minor side effects of Levitra. It should go away if you stop Levitra without any additional issues. After discontinuing the medicine you can discuss the side effects you encountered while taking Levitra to adjust the dosage.

Serious Levitra Side Effects

Levitra might cause allergic reactions like shortage of breath, hives, swelling of tongue or throat in some patients.  You should get immediate medical attention if you develop any allergic reactions to Levitra.

Some of the Levitra  side effects could be serious and potentially life threatening. If you develop any of the following side effects, please discontinue Levitra and call your doctor immediately as it could be a serious reaction to Levitra.

·         sudden change of vision
·         sudden variations in hearing
·         heartbeat irregularity
·         feet edema or swelling in hands
·         shallow breathing
·         loss of consciousness
·         sweating and chest pain
·         seizure
·         painful erection which lasts for longer than 4 hours

This list of side effects of Levitra is only for your information. You should consult your doctor to know more about the side effects of Levitra and how to take Levitra safely.

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