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What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

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What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence is a condition in which a man experiences inability to achieve and maintain an erection for satisfying sexual experiences. Elderly people are most affected by erectile dysfunction (ED) because the penis erection reduces with age.

Erectile Dysfunction may occur when blood vessels which is going to the penis nerves becomes blocked or narrowed. There is a interference with the nervous system that triggers the erection or when there is a reduced libido. Certain health issues might cause narrowing the blood vessels because of the blockage, such as hormonal imbalances , heart disease, Diabetes, nerve damage,  Hypertension, Multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis  . Unhealthy lifestyle choices may also be a big factor for  men to have ED.

What is erectile dysfunction
What is erectile dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)? and what are the possible erectile dysfunction causes:

Abusing drugs

There are certain meds which may cause erectile dysfunction (ED) as its side effects like : antidepressants , tranquilizers, antihypertensive and antipsychotic,
Psychological causes can play a part in ED. People suffering from stress, fear, gloom, uncertainties, sadness or problems in the relationship can suffer from ED. Often the ED is caused by a combination of physical and Psychological causes.  A person who suffers from ED makes the symptoms includes difficulty getting erection, inability to maintain an erection and decreased libido or sexual desire.

Lifestyle modification is the least invasive type of treatment for ED. Healthy lifestyle modification which may help reduce erectile dysfunction (ED)  are due to quit smoking, having  alcohol moderately, reduce weight if you are obese, stay away from drug abuse and be physically well active.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) which are caused by drugs can most probably cured by replacing or cutting back the medication under the guidance of the physician.
Psychological therapy is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) which are caused due to stress or anxiety. It is also very important to discuss with your wife / girlfriend about your sexual complaints. Erectile Dysfunction Medications like phosphodiesterase inhibitors and testosterone can also be utilized.

The most widely used erectile dysfunction medications are : Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Cenforce, Super P Force, and, Fildena Super Active.

These medications can only be taken orally or injected directly into the penis or inserted into the tip of the penis. You doctor can give you more information about the disorder and its possible treatments.  

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